550 Strong Affiliate Program and Guidelines


Our Affiliate Brand Ambassadors

In this program, both 550 Strong LLC and the affiliate marketers benefit from the collaboration. Affiliate Brand Ambassador partners advertise our products or services. They may promote our brand by sharing banners or links on their websites or social media platform(s).

In return, the affiliate marketers will receive a commission whenever someone makes a purchase through their promotion. The sales they make are tracked through affiliate links.


What is a brand ambassador? 

Simply someone who speaks positively about our company. Brand ambassadors on social media shout-out your business, show off their latest gifts or purchases and recommend you to their followers.


  • Free products (ambassadors only)
  • Social Media Exposure
  • Social Media Insight
  • Affiliate program commission (https://550strong.goaffpro.com/)

Our Brand Ambassador Rules and Guidelines

  1. Must promote the brand in a positive way.
  2. Increase brand awareness
  3. Generate sales
  4. Drive conversions
  5. Expand to new audiences
  6. Build a social media following
  7. Foster customer loyalty
  8. Register for our affiliate program (https://550strong.goaffpro.com/). 


What Are We Looking For?

  1. How often should they promote your brand?
  2. What are their methods of promotion (online and offline)?
  3. What types of content will they create?
  4. What words or hashtags should they use in their content?
  5. Can they commit to regular check-ins?


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